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Buntot Palos

Buntot Palos is located in Pangil, Laguna, Philippines.



The three-hour trek must not daunt the would-be explorer, as Buntot Palos is really grand, descending from a cliff to fall on a collection of sharp rocks called ‘Kawa-Kawa’. The cascade of water is tall (around 80 meters; almost twice the height of Buruwisan Falls) as it is straight; it further descends to form a catchbasin that is big and deep, perfect for swimmers. The rocks are very slippery though. Beneath the falls, there is a small cave, which can house a tent for the very adventurous! For its part, the trail is a set of a typical rural Filipino setting. Carabaos and horses pass the same trail, and it can get really muddy in the rainy season, much like the trails going to Mt. Romelo the nearby town of Siniloan.




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