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Guimaras Wonders Farm

Guimaras Wonders farm in Alaguisoc, JordanGuimaras is a 7-hectare farm owned by the Greisser couple who fell in love with the island in their 10-day visit several years ago.


Mr. Greisser gave up his previous job as a pastry chef and his wife, Rose, gave up her home in Bulacan. Since then the couple spent their days busily tending to their pineapple and mango plantation.


The couple only uses organic fertilizer and herbal insecticide in the farm and also in the vegetable and fruit garden.


Visitors can have a tour of the farm to see the pineapples, mangoes, organic garden, and even have some snacks made from the farms produce. Visitors can also pick fruits in season.


The farm is covered by the Guimaras Agritourism Circuit


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