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Las Piñas

It is a city in the National Capital Region of the Philippines.

Las Piñas City is famous for its Bamboo Organ, which can be found inside the St. Joseph Church of the Parish of Las Piñas. Built in the year 1824 by Fr. Diego Cera, the Bamboo Organ is made of bamboo, wood, and metal. It has been praised for its unique, rare, and melodious sound. The Bamboo Organ is the only organ of its kind in the world. The uniqueness of this instrument is showcased every February during The Bamboo Organ Festival. Other equally unique festivals celebrated in Las Piñas are Waterlily Festival, Bamboo Festival, and Parol (Lantern) Festival. The country's popular symbol, jeepney, is assembled in Las Piñas. The Sarao Motors factory produces the world-famous jeepney, assembled piece by piece in painstaking individual production. The factory is open to buyers and curious visitors all year round. Las Piñas City is on the list of the "Clean and Green Hall of Fame," awarded by the Philippine Government. It is the first local government unit in the Philippines that has been honored with the prestigious GLOBAL 500 ROLL OF HONOUR of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). Recently, the city acquired the status "Most Competitive City" in the Philippines, along with Davao City, Makati City, Muntinlupa City, and Marikina City. Source: Wikipedia

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Las Pinas Bamboo Organ
Water Lily Festival

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