Ana Kalang Festival - Laguna Events

Ana Kalang Festival

October 18 - 22 | Nagcarlan, Laguna, Philippines


The festivities commemorate a bountiful harvest of the town’s agro-industrial products. The name of the festival was derived from a woman named Ana Kalang, who, according to a myth, was known for her tremendous wealth, kindness, piety and generosity.

The Ana Kalang Festival showcases a unique folk art whose leitmotif is the giant statue, which Nagcarleños call “Kalang-kalang”. The kalang-kalang is usually ten foot high and made of different fruits and vegetables or any indigenous materials for its parts.

The major attraction of the festival is the grand parade and street-dancing contest. Other highlights of the festival includes the agro-trade fair, cooking contest, nightly cultural shows, tour in the town’s historical and scenic spots, livelihood seminars, competition in traditional Filipino games and sports, antique exhibit, garden show and the beauty pageant.