Local Philippines Events
October 28
October 28 - 29 | Consolacion The Sarok Festival is celebrated on Consolacion's foundation day. Sarok is a hat made of bamboo strips and dried banana leaves. The festival features a street dance accompanied by the Miligoy de Cebu, a traditional song which originated in Consolacion. Dance moves involve the use of the sarok. Source:Cebu Province Official Website 

October 29
October 29 | Cateel, Davao Oriental Kutoo Festival is celebrated every 29th of October in Cateel, Davao Oriental.  Source: philcom  

October 29
October 29- 30 | Roxas City, Capiz  A festival organized by Dugo Capiznon, Inc. determined to change the negative notion of Capiz being an Aswang haven and turn it into an advantage. The festival intends to eclipse the aswang impression with the world-class quality of Capiz’ seafood products and warm captivating hospitality of the Capicenos. Source:TravelMart.net