Local Philippines Events
April 21
April 21-25 | Mabini, Batangas  Kinulob Festival gives recognition to the local native chicken raisers. Kinulob is one way of cooking the whole chicken with unique presentation. Street dance competition, mini band exhibition, cultural presentation and Mutya ng Mabini pageant are some of the highlights of the festival. Source:TravelMart.net

April 22
April 22 | Pakil, Laguna, Philippines Every year during the months of April and may, the people of Pakil, in the province of Laguna celebrates the Turumba Festival. It commemorates the seven sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is held 7 times each year between the months of April and May. The first is held on the Friday before Palm Sunday and the last falls on Pentecost Sunday.Held in honor of the Virgin Mary, the Turumba dates back to 1640 when a fisherman floating in the Laguna Lake found the statuette of Our Lady of Sorrows. Legend tells that he brought it to Pakil and left it in his boat while he sold his catch in town. Meanwhile, a housewife saw the image where it was. She notified the parish priest, and soon afterwards a crowd started to gather around the banca. A farmer carried the statuette to the church and on his way the people following him started to sing and dance. This was the first Turumba procession. The word “Turumba” has no real Filipino or Spanish meaning. But according to the legend, “Turumba” was the sound of the drumbeats during the procession.Today, Pakil is known for the Turumba Festival. The image of the Virgin is borne on the shoulders of the devotees and brought to the seashore and back to the church is a festive grand procession. The Turumba is the longest celebrated festival in the country covering seven months. The first celebration is held a week before Holy Week and then every ninth of the month hence for seven months.The Turumba festivities, popularly known as "Pistang Lupi", become one of the main tourist attraction in our town. The "Pistang Lupi" fiestas for the Blessed Mother of Turumba consists of seven novenas corresponding to the seven sorrows of the Blessed Mother. A Turumba procession follows right after each novena. This religious celebration is known as the largest ang longest of its kind in the country. During "Pistang Lupi" season, tens of thousand devotees from nearby town and provinces (particularly from the province of Quezon) join altogether to participate in the festivity.Source:Lakbaypilipinas.com

April 22 | Infanta, Quezon, Philippines.  "Harana" (or serenade) is one of the positive Filipino tradition and culture which was being practiced by the people from Infanta, Quezon and nearby municipalities in the early days. During those days, it is the appropriate means for a young bachelor to meet formally a young lady. The young man shall organize a small "harana" ensemble - size ranging from two (duet), three (trio) or five-man team, with one guitarist. With the silence of the night as their background, the team will serenade the young lady with amorous "kundimans" or Tagalog love songs. After two to three songs, the young lady will invite the group into their house for some conversation. During the conversation proper, songs shall also be exchanged between the young man and the young lady. After the "harana-getting -to-know-you" stage, the young bachelor will start courting the young dame through frequent visits, gifts, "panunuyo or paninilbihan" (i.e., voluntary service in the young lady´s household like chopping of firewood, fetching of water, etc.). After some time, the young man will propose to the lady of his dreams and if the dame replied "Yes" to his proposal, then the "pamamanhikan" will follow. If the parents of the lady agreed to the proposed wedding arrangements of the young bachelor´s family, then the wedding date shall be set, finally. The tradition of "harana" has been practiced by Infanta folks for the past decades. However, it is seldom practiced nowadays. Source: Tourism.qzn.ph

April 22 | Santa Catalina, Negros Oriental  Celebrates the abundance of the town's sugar cane harvest. Source:Sidlakan Tours & Travel

April 23 - 26 | Iba, Zambales, Philippines The event is a celebration of a bountiful harvest of mangoes and other agricultural products which the province is so known for. It is aimed to highlight the must-see attractions and places of interest in all its towns. Among the activities during the event include Hataw Saya Street Dancing Competition, trade fair and exhibit, Lakbay Zamables Cycling Competition, PINAKA Product Display, Mango Fruit Stand Competition, Agri-Karera ng Kalabaw, Huli Mo, Biik Mo, Alaga ko si Bantay Competition, Sand Sculpting Competition, Mango Mixing Bar-tending Competition, Mango Ultimate Dance Showdown, Mango Jam and Pie Making and much more.  Contact Information: Zambales Provincial Tourism & Investment Office, Badit Guevarra, Tel. No. (63 47) 811-7221/7216/7218 Website www.zambales.gov.ph or www.visitzambales.com  Source:Visitmyphilippines.com

April 23-26 | Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur  Pista sa Kinaiyahan is a tree-planting activity done at the foot of Mt. Apo with a clean-up program held at the peak.  HOW TO GET THERE  You can reach Santa Cruz by starting from Davao City. Take the McArthur Highway and travel south to Toril District.  You will reach Santa Cruz after having reached Toril. Travel time may last around 30 minutes. Source:travelmart            

April 19 - 23 | Iba, Zambales, Philippines In honor of the warship Karakoa, a warship built by the Pintados tribe, SBMA sets the stage for a unique festival filled with colorful floats, parade and motorcade called Subic Karakoa festival. It is meant to complement the annual Philippine Motorsports Festival and the Karakoa Food Festival.Contact Person Raul MarceloTel. No. 63 47) 252-4123/4242/4194/4196/4195/45 Source:Visitmyphilippines.com

April 23-25 | Kiangan, Ifugao, Philippines.An Ifugao cultural celebration featuring Kiangan''s ethnic customs and traditions. Source:TravelMart.net

April 23
April 23-25 | Hingyon, Ifugao, Philippines  Town fiesta adopting the festival term "Gotad" which is culminating activity of a "bimmayah" - a well-to-do Source:Philtourism.gov.ph

April 24-May 31 | Sta. Cruz, Arevalo, Iloilo City   Features Mayflower festival, grand processions and a contest of massive arches.   Source:Corporate.mozcom.com