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Old Houses in Jaro

Iloilo, originally called the Queen City of the South, has a rich European heritage. The boom of the sugar industry in the 19th century had afforded wealthy sugar barons to bring in foreign influences into their homes. The introduction of style and aesthetics allowed the emergence of hybrid types of architecture.


Old houses can be found mostly within the plaza's vicinity.  Among them are the Antillan House, Don Vicente Lopez Mansion or Nelly's Garden, Casa Mariquit, Magdalena Jalandoni Museum and Ledesma Mansion.

Events Related to Old Houses in Jaro

Feast Of Our Lady Of Candles

Attractions Related to Old Houses in Jaro

Casa Mariquit
Doña Agatona Argulles Jalandoni Mansion
Jaro Belfry
Jaro Cathedral
Ledesma Mansion
Magdalena Jalandoni Museum
Samson y Montinola Antillan House
Tienda Antigua