Local Philippines Events
August 26 - 28 | Cagayan de Oro City The parade is participated by marching bands from different schools. Various sectors from the government and representatives from different commercial establishments also participate in the parade. The Golden Float Parade is one of the main events during the Kagay'an Festival. Source:cdoguide

August 26 - 28 | Cagayan de Oro City Sakay-Sakay sa Lambago is one of the activities during the Kagay'an Festival. It is held along the Cagayan de Oro River where colorful boats race through the river channel. Source:cdoguidetraveltipid.comCagayan de Oro City Website 

August | Cagayan de Oro City  Kumbira is a live culinary show and competition participated by professionals and aspiring students. It is considered as the largest culinary event in Mindanao. Souce:cdoguideWikipedia 

August 26 - 28 | Cagayan de Oro City The Miss Kagay'an Pageant, sometimes referred to as Miss Cagayan de Oro, is one of the most anticipated events during the Kagay'an Festival. Candidates are usually chosen months before the actual event. Source:cdoguideKagay'an Festival Website

Holy Week | Bacarra, Ilocos Norte, Philippines  The so-called “Sabet” portrays the meeting of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Risen Christ. The “Alleluia”, participated in by children dressed like angels, sing to the Blessed Mother. The “Manglugay” removes her black veil.  Source:Bacarra.gov.ph  

Last Saturday of August | Alcoy The Siloy Festival promotes the Mag-abo forest, the municipality's beaches, and the different natural beauties of the place which make Alcoy a perfect tourist spot. The festival is named after the bird siloy, or black shama, which largely populate the area. Source:Cebu Province Official Website  

Pantatan Festival is held at Los Amigos in the middle of August during the Kadayawan. Los Amigos is a haven of "pantat" restaurants. "Pantat" translates as "catfish" in the English language and is a popular Filipino dish. It can be served in many ways: fried, grilled, as a soup, and etc.HOW TO GET THERELos Amigos is accessible by taking the road to Mintal. Follow the same road after reaching the Mintal Public Market until you reach the line of restaurants in Los Amigos. The restaurants are noticeable because of their sign boards.

August 26 - 28 | Cagayan de Oro City The Kagay'an Festival coincides with the feast day of Saint Augustine, the Cagayan de Oro's patron saint. The festival features street dancing, parades, cultural shows, concerts, and the highly-anticipated Miss Kagay'an Pageant. Source:cdoguide 

August 1-7 | Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte. A thanksgiving festival hoping for a good harvest in the coming year, the Pangapog Festival features a colourful parade with street dancing, singing and traditional dances. The festival showcases the rich culture and heritage of the Sama tribe indigenous to the region. Source:Worldeventsguide.comDotpcvc.gov.ph

August 2 | Butuan CityThe Palagsing Festival is a competition for the longest and the best tasting palagsing. Palagsing is a delicacy wrapped in banana leaves. Source:Travelmart