Local Philippines Events
October 9
October 9| Biliran, Philippines.   Every year local folks in Cabucgayan celebrate the Buktay Festival. The event is a way of gratitude for a bumper harvest of bukgay shell. The town is named after these marine organisms that are abundant in Cabucgayan.  Source: Tourism.biliranisland.com

October 10
October 10 | Makilala, Cotabato The Ting'Udo Festival celebrates a bountiful fruit harvest. The festival coincides with the foundation anniversary of Makilala and is highlighted by a fruit festival. Source:travelmartWOW Philippines    

October 10
The Pastores is a play portraying the story of sheperds in search for Jesus. The term pastores refers to shepherds who have witnessed the birth of Jesus Christ after an angel appeared to them and told them of His arrival. The depiction of the story is performed by different groups. The performances can be found in almost every barangay in Naga. The festival is held in anticipation of the Christmas season during December. Source:Cebu Province Official Website 

October 12
October 12 | Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.  A religious celebration in honor of the Nuestra Señora del Santisimo Rosario marked by a Holy mass. Angeles City is also celebrating La Naval Feista.  Source:Wowphilippines.ca

October 12
October 12|Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines. Held in commemoration of the Virgin of the Holy Rosary every second Sunday of October, various programs are presented.  Quezon City also is celebrating La Naval Festival. Source:1stphilippines.com

October 15
October 15-31 | Olongapo City, Philippines. OlongapeÅ„os celebrate the Ulo ng Apo Festival to commemorate the city's remarkable history. The festival, celebrated annually during the month of October, is highlighted by a Mardi Gras with famous celebrities from Manila, live band shows, street dancing contingents performing along Magsaysay Drive.  The festival is spearheaded by the Olongapo City Business Club Inc. in coordination with the city government.  Source: Visitmyphilippines.com

October 15
October 15 | Talisay City  The Halad Festival is celebrated during the feast of Talisay City's patron saint, Saint Teresa de Avila. The festival is characterized by parades, night variety shows, and street dancing. The Halad Festival is held in the same month with the Inasal Festival.   Source:AsiaTravel.comWikiPilipinas 

October 15 | Cebu  This festival in Cebu takes its name from two Cebuano words: Sinanggi, which means abundance, specifically of agricultural products, and Sayaw, which means to dance. This Cebu fiesta celebrates the bountiful harvest with dancing in the streets and field presentations, all focusing on the three aspects of the season: planting, harvesting, and thanksgiving. Source:AsiaTravel.com 

October 17
October 17 | Tubod, Lanao del Norte Sagingan Festival is a thanksgiving celebration of good harvest, particularly bananas. The term "sagingan" refers to a farm of bananas. It is derived from the term "saging" which means banana. The event features a street dancing at the Municipal Hall.   HOW TO GET THERE The most convenient to get to Tubod, Lanao del Norte is through Iligan. To get to Iligan you must first reach Cagayan de Oro city either by air or by sea. If taking off within the Mindanao area, you can also try land transportation. You can ride a bus to Iligan once you reach Cagayan de Oro. From Iligan, you can then travel to Tubod.   Source:hoparound.net     

October 17-27 | Sorsogon, Philippines A joint effort of the Sorsogon Provincial Tourism Council and the Provincial Government of Sorsogon. This festival was derived from the dialect means "prosperity and happiness," a joyous celebration held primarily to commemorate the Foundation Anniversary of Sorsogon since its establishment as a separate province from Albay.  The event features cultural shows, trade fairs/exhibits, guided tours, sports activities, and many more.  Source:Regional Development Council V