Local Philippines Events
February 2
February 2 | Paracale, Daet, Philippines Held in the town of Paracale, the festival is highlighted by pabirik' street dancing, depicting the gold mining industry in the province.  Source:Wowbicol.com

February 2
February 2-10 | Laoag City,  Ilocos Norte, Philippines. The word means "Ilocano Maiden," a festival showing Ilocano customs and virtues. Source:TravelMart.net  

February 2 | Jaro, Iloilo City   Biggest and most opulent religious pageantry in Western Visayas with agro-industrial exhibits, garden shows, carnivals, and grand cock derbies, among others, that make Jaro fiesta the symbol of Iloilo's affluence and love for great celebrations. The Blessing of Candles and yearly procession of patroness, the Nuestra Señora de Candelaria is followed by the Fiesta Queen and her court.   Source:Corporate.mozcom.com

February 2
February - March | Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines.  During the Litotong-Bisbis, people celebrate the Ulpi, a thanksgiving rite. To celebrate, families stay home to drink their homemade wines called baya and butcher animals as offerings for a bountiful harvest.  Source:Philtourism.gov.ph

February 3
February 3 | Mulanay, Quezon, Philippines.  Coco-Lunay Festival was celebrated highlighting the origin of the town and the major source of income of its populace which is coco. A contest was held wherein the participants from clustered schools in the municicpality were dressed up with coconut materials, embroidered with different agri-products and painted natively to accentuate the Coco-Lunay Festival.  Source:Tourism.qzn.ph  

February 4
1st week of February |  Miagao, Iloilo Salakayan Festival is a yearly week-long festivity held every first week of February in the Municipality of Miagao, Province of Iloilo. The celebration is a unique revelry of the past that provides the Miagawanons and visitors the opportunity to enjoy and be together for a while in such a festive mood and fun fare.  The highlight of this celebration is the Salakayan Presentation- a street dance-drama depicting the victorious battle on May 7, 1754, waged by the local defenders against the Muslim marauders who frequently attacked the shoreline of Miagao and divested the people of their belongings. This historic attack or "salakay" gave the festivity its title "Salakayan." Source:Miag-ao Government Website

February 5
May 5 | Cebu Cebu City comes alive every May 5 during this festival in Cebu. The main purpose of this Cebu fiesta is to showcase the heritage and identity of the capital of the Queen City of the South. Street dancing, floats, dioramas, food festivals, and sports events overwhelm the city with its festive, raucous energy. Source: Cebu Central.com

Feb. 5-8 | Clark Field, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. Hot-Air balloons from various countries disembark "en masse" from Clark Field then make a round of Angeles City. The huge colorful dirigibles promote one of the most popular diversionary activities in the world, attracting visitors to Pampanga and nearby towns. Source:Woodland.ph

February 6 | Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental, Philippines A harvest festival with a street dance showing their cultural heritage the art of "kali" otherwise known as "arnis" or "escrima", the traditional martial arts of the Filipino people since the 7th century.  Source:TravelMart.net

February 7
February 7- February 13 | Cuenca, Batangas, Philippines An annual activity conceived by the town as thanksgiving to their patron saint, Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, for a bountiful life. Source: TravelMart.net