Local Philippines Events
July 4 | Baguio City, PhilippinesRevival of friendship among Filipinos, Americans & other Nationalities accented with the sale exposition of variety products.  Source:wowphilippines.ca

July 4
July 4 | Roxas, Isabela, Philippines The Municipality Government of Roxas highlighted the main agricultural product of Roxas – Palay. The event included street dancing competition, kuliglig contest and cooking of the biggest rice cake also featured in the national television.  Source:Wowphilippines.ca

July 5 | Badian In celebration of Badian’s Annual Fiesta, the festival showcases the Cebuano & Badianganon culture, tradition, delicacies & local products especially its famous “mats” (banig). Source:TravelMart.net

July 5 | Badian  This Cebu festival in Badian town showcases the town's various handicrafts, cultures, and delicacies, focusing, specifically, on the native handwoven mats known as 'banig.' This festival in Cebu includes street dancing with costumes made using banig material, a trade fair showcasing the banig and other native products, and a banig-making contest. Source:AsiaTravel.com 

July 6 | Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines  Held annually on the 1st Sunday of July in the town of Bocaue, the festival features a fluvial parade in honor of the miraculous "Krus sa Wawa". A huge pagoda bearing the image of the Krus accompanied by some 200 devotees symbolizes a dramatic tradition inspired by centuries-old tales. It is believed that the mounting of such a festival assures the agricultural town of Bocaue a bountiful harvest. Source:Visit My Philippines

July (2nd Week of July) | Mauban, Quezon, Philippines.  Maubanog Festival is a seven day cultural extravaganza that features the town's colorful history amiable people, tasty cuisine and of course, its locally fermented only-in-Mauban nipa wine! Known for its unique aroma and tangy taste, the nipa wine, popularly known as lambanog, is one of Mauban's top agricultural produce. Fermented for a number of weeks from nipa leaves, local wine makers from some 20 barangays of Mauban sell their produce locally and yet are looking forward to selling overseas as the present administration ties up with the Department of Science and Technology and the Department of Agriculture to improve its taste and explore a myriad of possibilities. And yes, Maubanin wine makers are looking forward to the annual Maubanog Festival as its number one salesman as its number one salesman, as its number one creator of opportunity for Mauban lambanog to be known internationally!  Source:Tourism.qzn.ph

July 8 | Isabela City, PhilippinesAlegria de Isabela is a festival based on a legend that tells how the early townsfolk survived a raging storm. They were believed to be saved by St. Isabela when she thwarted a giant wave. The festival is celebrated with a regatta and a ceremony. Celebrations are done beside the cathedral. Source:Wow Philippines Website

July 12 | Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental  The Hudyaka Festival features a street dancing competition, with each performance depicting the history of Laguindingan's foundation as a municipality of Misamis Oriental. Source: Travelmart

July 12
July 12-16 | Malilipot, Albay, Philippines A weeklong celebration showcasing abaca hemp - locally known as lubid which the municipality is known to be the region's major producer; its many uses and importance as a major source of livelihood of the local community. Various activities are lined up highlighted by street parade where participants are colorfully dressed in abaca costumes.  Source:Wowphilippines.ca

2nd week of July | Libon, Albay, PhilippinesThe festivity retraces the valiant story of the virgins of the town who worked hard in making Libon as one of the earliest settlements in Albay. Featured activities are trade fairs, shows, and street dancing.Source:Tourism.albay.gov.ph