Local Philippines Events
February 12
February 12 | Libertad, Pasay City, Metro Manila, PhilippinesOne of the highlights of the Sta. Clara Feast Day, about 100 horses have been trained to participate in this exciting and thrilling horse race. Source:TravelMart.net

February 12 | Caloocan City, Manila, Philippines This is one of the highlights of the city's Foundation Day, showcasing the use of the pamaypay (a hand-held fan in English) as a traditional tool for cooling the heat . This is exhibited in techno-modern folk street dancing competition. The pamaypay is commonly used by Filipinas, something they got from the Spaniards probably. It is very appropriate for the Philippines, especially during the dry seasons.   Source:TravelMart.net 

February 13 | Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines.  Different activities are lined up in celebration of Sta. Clara’s Feast Day. Some of the highlights include the Serenata and The Tiburin Race. Serenata is a series of rondalla and brass band concerts and a revival of open-air musical performances held at the Sta. Clara patio, while the Tiburin Race is an exciting and thrilling horse-racing at Cementina and Libertad streets. About 100 horses have been trained solely for this event. Source:Travelmart.net  

Feb 13-16 | Kalinga, Philippines  The Ullalim is a cultural festival. It is the highlight of the founding anniversary of the province. The festival showcases the life of the Kalingas through sports, crafts, and indigenous food.  Source:Dophilippines.com

February 14
February 14 | Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines. A series of rondalla and brass band concerts. A revival of open-air concerts held at the patio of Sta. Clara Church. Source:TravelMart.net 

February 14-19 |Baler, Aurora, Philippines.  A celebration of the foundation of the province of Aurora, which is celebrated on the very day of birth of the Late Lady Aurora Quezon. The event also coincides with the grandest festival, the Suman Festival.  Source:Travelmart.net

February 14 | San Jose, Camarines Sur, Philippines  Karantahan nin Pagranga is a music festival, featured by local talents and young artists in its efforts to promote cultural awareness, tourism development and youth empowerment in the district of Partido.  Source:Festivals.aboutph.com

February 15
February 15 | Bato, Camarines Sur, PhilippinesAcelebration promoting the rich aquatic resources of Lake Bato.  Derived from local dialect "ranow" meaning lake, participants are clad in fish-like costumes depicting the differentindigenous fish of Bato Lake while gracefully dancing to creatively choreographed movements in their gaily colored unique outfits fashioned from indigenous materials. Source:WowBicol.com

February 16
February 16-22 | Carmona, Cavite, Philippines. An age-old tradition celebrating the town as an agricultural haven which is celebrated every 3 years. It is highlighted by an agro-industrial fair.  Source:VisitMyPhilippines.com

February 17
February 17 | Placer, Masbate, PhilippinesThe Himag-ulaw Festival celebrates the bountiful harvest in farming and the abundance of fish. The festival is celebrated through activities like street dancing, games, food fairs, and a beauty pageant.Source:WowBicol.com