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Slogan: 7, 107 islands ... but more than 7,107 destinations ... and we'll take you there!

LocalPhilippines, is your most comprehensive online directory of Philippine destinations, events and attractions.

Our mission is to take you to over 7,107 destinations, which will give you that WOW Experience only the Philippines and Filipinos can give:

  • Warm over Winter
  • Wild Over Water
  • Wander Over Wrecks
  • Watch Our Whales
  • Wonderfully Original Waterways
  • World Of Weddings
  • Wear Our Wares
  • Wander Our Wonders
  • Walk Our Walls
  • Workers Of Worth
  • Wacko Over Wildlife

Destinations in the beaches or in the mountains, destinations under water, destinations right at the middle of the urban hub, name it and LocalPhilippines will most likely feature it.

LocalPhilippines is your travel buddy. We have information about the destinations, how to get there, what to do while in the area (we may even find business opportunities for you), and more!

We had made the travel for your first, checking each destination ourselves, so that we could tell you what it is really to be there.

We''ll then give you suggestions on how you can make the most out of your stay in the Philippines

Explore the site now and create your travel log!

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