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Santa Cruz

The story says that one day during the Spanish time, a farmer was plowing his field in Arevalo, Iloilo. Suddenly, his plow hit a hard object. He examined it and found it to be a 12-foot long black cross. Nearby, he also found a coronet.


The cross was believed to be the one placed by the Jesuits inside their chapel in that place which they earlier abandoned because of the Muslim raids. That cross is now enshrined in the chapel of Barangay Santa Cruz where the famous Santa Cruz de Mayo was soon started.


The santacruzan is the commemoration of the finding of the Cross by St. Helena in Jerusalem. It is capped by a colorful procession where the participants representing St. Helena (Santa Elena) and her son (as a small boy), Emperor Constantine the Great of Rome. The supporting casts are personifications like the Siete Virtudes de Maria by seven girls.



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