Apo Reef National Park - Occidental Mindoro Attractions

Apo Reef National Park

Apo Reef National Park is located in Apo Island, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines.


One of the dive sites frequented by most divers in the Philippines is Apo Reef. It is acclaimed as one of the best in Asia and as a diving mecca in the Philippines. It is a 34-kilometer reef teeming with the bio-diversity of marine life is located 20 miles west of Mindoro proper, with a narrow channel running east to west, dividing this reef into two lagoon systems is the north and south. Underneath, the clean waters, fine white sand and numerous coral are visible. The Apo Reef Marine Park includes the fascinating bird-populated island of Binangaan and Cajos del Bajo. The island has a variety of bird species that lures birdwatchers and nature lovers. The waters surrounding the island are abundant with marine fauna and luxuriant coral growth represented by approximately 400-500 kaleidoscopic coral species. Marine life includes varieties of sharks, sting rays and manta rays. There are over 500 species present in the Reef.




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