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Calumpit River

Calumpit River is located in Calumpit, Bulacan, Philippines.


The river has for centuries shaped the lives of Bulakeños. The longest river system in Bulacan, Calumpit River traverses the towns of Calumpit, Pulilan and Plaridel on the east, Paombong and Hagonoy in the West and winds up through Apalit, Macabebe and Masantol, Pampanga. It was the major route for trade and commerce in this part of the country making Calumpit an established barangay prior to the coming of Spanish conquistadors. The Pampanga and Quingua Rivers served as arteries through which goods coming in and going out of Calumpit passed. At present, the river is a valued resource as a rich fishing ground and providing farmers with irrigation.



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