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Dingalan Bay View Site

Barangay Tanawan, Dingalan


"Tanawan," as the place is called, means "viewsite." Upon approaching the border of Dingalan and Nueva Ecija, one passes through an area sloping upwards. At its peak is Dingalan Bay View Site. Undeveloped, except for a solitary nipa hut and several electric poles, the area provides fantastic view of the town and the blue bay, as well as the green mountains and the igneous rock formations. Dingalan Bay is a total contrast from the hot, dry and brown environment of Nueva Ecija. One would be amazed by the almost sudden emergence of greenery that overlooks Dingalan upon reaching the Bay View Site. Dingalan Bay View Site is a perfect place for photography and picnicking.  


How to get there

From Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, take a bus bound for Tanawan( two hours and 10 minutes travel time). 



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