Homma-Yamashita Shrine - Laguna Attractions

Homma-Yamashita Shrine

Homma-Yamashita Shrine is located in Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines.
Four years of Japanese occupation destroyed many buildings, roads, and bridges in and around Los Baños. In quick succession, the College of Agriculture became a Japanese camp for prisoners of war, a camp for allied nationals, a target of Kempetai punitive measures, and the headquarters of a secret organization of guerillas.
After the dramatic rescue of the American internees by Filipino guerillas and U.S. paratroopers on February 23, 1935, the entire campus was sacked by the Japanese and razed to the ground. Only Baker Hall, the armory-gymnasium, remained standing amidst the rubble.
Shortly after the war, Generals Masaharu Homma and Tomoyuki Yamashita, the commanders at the time of the Bataan Death March, were executed in April, 1946. They were both tried for their war crimes and executed near the Economic Garden.

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