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The Mt. Bulusan Natural Park

The Mt. Bulusan Natural Park, one of the parks in the country declared by the national government as such in order to protect its ecosystem and maintain its natural beauty, covers a complex of primary and secondary forests, mystical lakes, rivers and natural springs, and the still active Mt. Bulusan which has an elevation of 5,077 feet above sea level. The lake itself, which has a circumference of 2,006 meters, has an elevation of 2,084 feet upon the slopes of the volcano. There is a smaller lake higher up the volcano called Lake Agingay. The tragic love story of Bulusan and Agingay  is an interesting local folk legend. The Bulusan Mountain Lake is a favorite of visitors who want to commune with nature, with a concrete pathway rimming the lake, affording the visitor a pleasant and serene, leisurely  nature walk  The Park complex is a sanctuary for rare flora and fauna. Eager mountaineers regularly scale the volcano up to its crater and marvel at the ancient, moss-covered trees, giant ferns and rare wild orchids that they see on their way to the peak of the volcano.

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