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Yamashita Lines

Yamashita Lines is located in  Capoocan-KanangaLeyte, Philippines.
The Yamashita Lines follow a 50-kilometers stretch along the national highway extending from the Puntapina of the Capoocan-Kananga boundary in the north, over the mountain in the east, through the heart of Ormoc and down to the Palanas river of Albuera in the south. It is also known as the Ormoc Corridor during the Japanese invasion. It was in this line where the bloodiest struggle for the liberation of Leyte took place in 1944. Every year since the early 50s, Japanese pilgrims, World War II veterans, tourists, Comrade-in-arms and kins of Japanese soldiers come to Ormoc to visit this famous war theater where the proud Japanese soldiers suffered their most humiliating debacle.

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