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It is a 5th class municipality in the province of Laguna, Philippines.
Mabitac was the site of a battle in the Philippine-American War, when on September 17, 1900, Filipinos under General Juan Cailles defeated an American force commanded by Colonel Benjamin F. Cheatham. According to the latest census, it has a population of 17,608 people in 2,990 households.
Mabitac was an excellent hunting ground for wild game three centuries ago. Native hunters used numerous cave-ins or trap-ins called "bitag" in the local dialect. Hence, the place was referred to as "Mabitag" meaning, a place with plenty traps.
Mabitac is situated on the eastern side of the province of Laguna, 54.68 miles from Manila using Rizal Province on a winding road, and 76.43 miles using the South Luzon Express, Calamba and Santa Cruz, Laguna. It has a total land area 3.912 sq. miles.
The first Spaniards who came to this place were the friars who established the first Spanish settlement in the area and began to Christianize the local population. The Spaniards, having difficulty in pronouncing the "G" consonant, called this place "Mabitac" whenever they mentioned this place. Eventually, the name found its way in the official records and maps of Laguna made by Spanish cartographers and mariners who chartered the coastal areas of Laguna de Bay.
This town was formerly a barrio of Siniloan, an immediate neighboring town. It became an independent municipality only in the year 1611, not by legislation, but by mutual agreement by and between the Spanish friars of both towns who were then the influential ruling class. 

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The Battle of Mabitac Site