Bicol Food Festival - Albay Events

Bicol Food Festival

No specific date | Albay, Philippines
A festival cuisine such as pinangat and laing (variations of gabi leaves in coconut of a particular age); Bicol Express (hot stuff); the tinotongan (chicken and green papaya or other combinations, cooked in coconut seared with live coals bringing a uniquely delectable flavor to a dish which could only have been concocted in Albay); inolokan or tinolmok (a mixture of fresh water crab and the meat of young coconuts, spiced and wrapped in gabi or tender squash leaves, gently simmered in coconut oil); pecadillo (haruan or dalag) or fresh water fish, liberally spiced and cooked in coconut on a bed of green vegetables such as pechay); cocido (Spanish for cooked, but refers to sinigang, Albayano style, but definitely more subtle and brings out the flavors of the ingredients rather than just sour up the whole dish)