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Bacarra Church

Bacarra Church is located in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte, Philippines.


The Bacarra Church and Convent is situated at the center of the town. Constructed together with the Tower and Convent by the Spanish Augustinian Friars in 1593 and inaugurated in 1782. Destroyed by the intensity 7.8 earthquake on August 17, 1983. Reconstructed through the generous auspices of German Catholic Benefactors and the kind people of Bacarra and friends under the administration of Very Rev. Gil A. Albano Jr. Parish Priest and Episcopal Vicar of the North and Most Rev. Edmundo M. Abaya, D.D. Bishop of Laoag. The Church was inaugurated on August 17, 1984. Under Presidential Decree No. 165, the Bacarra Church was declared as a National Shrine in the Philippines.



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