Balbalasang National Park - Kalinga Attractions

Balbalasang National Park

Balbalasang National Park is located in Balbalan, Kalinga, Philippines.


The forest is protected by the Elders of Balbalasang, who among the Kalinga tribes, have the final say in tribal matters. 


The Banao tribe, a subtribe of the Kalinga, to which the people of Balbalasang belong, are fiercely protective of nature, particularly after a number of natural disasters like mudslides and a forest fire. After that the Elders and barangay officials set strict guidelines and regulations on the use of the forest, complete with penalties such as the payment of a full-grown carabao to the community. Selective and limited logging for example, is allowed for justifiable reasons like the building of a home, and for a fee paid to the community.


The result is the preservation of the forests on the mountains under the jurisdiction of the barangay.




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