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Caohagan Island

Off the coast of Lapu- lapu city is a secluded island called Caohagan. When before, Caohagan is a quiet village whose main source of living is fishing, today the residents are earning bigger profits in the art of quilting. As the men thrive on the bounty of the sea, the women are stitching for quilts.

Quilting was introduced by the Japanese couple Mr. and Mrs. KaKatsuhiko Sakiyama when they adopted the island years ago. Most of the finished products are exported to Japan where it is sold twice the local selling price.

Aside from quilting, Caohagan is also blessed with a rich supply of seafood and scenic beaches filled with amazing marine life. Tourists both local and foreign keep coming back here as the eastside around the island is good for snorkeling and on the other side is best for diving. Although, the prices of these live seafoods and the rate of accomodation in this island are expensive, it can never amount to the peaceful atmosphere and the feeling of seclusion and exclusivity escpecially to the solitude-seeker.


How to get to Caohagan Island


Caohagan Island can be reached by boat from Marigondon port (fare: P30) or at Dapdap port (near Vista Mar). Should you wish to rent a boat, you can arrange it with the boat-operator at the dock of Punta Engaño for P2,500 (20-seater boat) or P3,500 (60-seater boat).



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