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Ditumabo Falls

Barangay Ditumabo, San Luis, Aurora, Philippines


The crystal clear water of Ditumabo Falls gushes endlessly, flowing and twisting among countless rocks and boulders. The trek to the falls traverses several kilometers through the river and over a few steep mountain trails surrounding the falls on both banks. Occasionally, the trekker will unavoidably come upon fallen or cut logs that serve as either natural bridges or obstacles. Approximately 140 feet high, the falls are surrounded by huge cliffs-an unforgettable sight for nature lovers! 


How to get there

Hire a jeep or take a private vehicle from Baler town proper going to Bgy. Ditumabo passing through Poblacion San Luis. From there, it is a 4-km hike over rough terrain and river trail. It is advisable to hire guides who are knowledgeable of the area. 



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