Salagdoong Beach - Siquijor Attractions

Salagdoong Beach

The Salagdoong Beach Resort is located in Maria, Siquijor Philippines.


Hidden in a cove with shoreline lined with fine white sand, Salagdoong Beach Resort is a haven for travelers and locals.


The beach is about one kilometer away from the main road. The moment you make that turn to the beach, you'll be enveloped by the shade of flame trees forming like a rain forest. And at the end of that you will see pristine clear, cool waters. 


For vacation packages or travel accommodations, guests can check in at Hotel Agripino, just a few steps away from the beach.


It's a trip worth taking indeed! 


How to get to Salagdoong Beach

Take an hour ferry ride to Siquijor or Larena. Then take a motorcab or multicab to Salagdoong Beach, Maria.

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