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Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls is one of the famous tourist attractions of Iligan City. "Tinago" means hidden, which denotes the location of the falls being hidden far from the city proper. Reaching the falls includes trekking down a winding staircase believed to have around 500 descending steps.


The long trek, on the other hand, is rewarded with a sight of a 240-foot waterfall descending into a blue-colored lagoon. Swimming in the water is allowed but there are also man-made swimming pools for children. Behind the falling water is a cave where people can enter and hear the sound of falling water.


How to get to Tinago Falls


Ride a jeepney to the Buru-un area where there are stalls that sell fish. From there, ride a habal-habal (motorcycle used for public transport) and inform the driver that you are going to Tinago Falls. The driver will take you to the Iligan Tinago Mountain Resort. Entrance to the resort is ten pesos and from there you will begin trekking to Tinago Falls. You may ask the driver to wait until you come back from the falls. Habal-habal fares are negotiable.




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