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Abuyog is a 1st class municipality in the province of Leyte. It is the largest coastal town on the eastern coast of the island of Leyte facing Leyte Gulf out into the Pacific Ocean. The town's annual festival, the Buyogan Festival is held every 29th of August. The locally known “buyog” or bees is the center of the feast where the name of the town originates. The festival highlights a street dancing competition where the choreography illustrates the appearance and movements of bees. The Buyogan Festival is considered one of the best festivals in the country and is always a participant in the Pintados Kasadyaan Festival in Tacloban City and at the Sinulog Festival in Cebu City.

Aside from the merry-making and the festivity, the town of Abuyog is also visited by tourists for its beautiful waterfalls. There are lots of waterfalls in Abuyog such as those found in Brgy. Katipunan, Brgy. Balinsasayao and Brgy. Nebga, but the most famous of them all is located in Brgy. Malaguicay. Around 7 meters high, the Malaguicay Falls is a must-see tourist attraction. The locals call it “Linao” because of the cool, clear waters that flow from the cascades of the waterfall. Brgy. Malaguicay is a seaside barangay south of the town proper and is a 20-minute ride away via motorboat. Along the way, the trip will pass through Higasaan River, followed by a 20-minute scenic nature walk to the waterfalls.

Facing the sea and just beside the Town Hall, the Abuyog Lighthouse is another attraction in the municipality. The lighthouse serves as a beacon for ships and for the fishermen to prevent them from getting lost at sea during nighttime. Legend says that during the night when a fierce typhoon struck Abuyog, the patron saint St. Francis Xavier was seen here waving his crucifix in order to spare the town from the wrath of the typhoon.

The Church of St. Francis Xavier was first built with nipa, wood and bamboo in 1718 by the Jesuit priests in the area. The Augustinians took over the church’s supervision in 1768 after it was rebuilt by Fr. José Herrera and Cipriano Barbasan. The church’s design was changed in 1781 to conform with the architecture of Roman Renaissance. A more durable church and convent of masonry was later built, with a galvanized iron roof and wooden floor. In 1965, the church was renovated when an extension was built at the center of the church through the effort of Msgr. Luis D. Caintic who also facilitated in the construction of the new bell tower.

Among these tourist spots, other places worth visiting in Abuyog are the St. Francis Xavier Parish Park just beside St. Francis Xavier Parish Catholic Church, the Sto Niño Park located between the boundaries of Brgy. Bito and Brgy. Guintagbucan, the Danghol Hill in Brgy. San Isidro, the Abuyog, Leyte Big Caves found in Brgy. Nebga, Brgy. Tib-o and Brgy. Balocawehay, and the Cagbolo Hot Spring in Brgy. Cagbolo.




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