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Aklan is a province of the Philippines located in the Western Visayas.

Its capital is Kalibo and is located at the northwest portion of Panay, bordering Antique to the southwest, Iloilo to the south, and Capiz to the east. Aklan faces the Sibuyan Sea and the province of Romblon to the north.

Aklan, originally known as "Minuro it Akean", is considered as the oldest province in the country and is believed to have been established as early as 1213 by settlers from Borneo ruled by Datu Dinagandan.

Towards the end of the 14th century, Datu Dinagandan moved the capital from the present Batan. This was after it was captured by Chinese adventurers under Kalantiaw, allowing him to grab the throne. In 1433, Kalantiaw's grandson and successor, Kalantiaw III, formulated a set of laws that is known today as the Code of Kalantiaw. the historian, William Henry Scott, considered these laws as fake.[1][2] In 1437, the short-lived dynasty of Kalantiaw ended when Kalantiaw III was slain in a duel with Datu Manduyog, the legitimate successor of Datu Dinagandan. When Manduyog became the new ruler, he moved the capital to Bakan (now known as Banga).

Several datus succeeded Manduyog until Miguel Lopez de Legaspi landed in Batan in 1565. Datu Kabanyag was the current ruler at the time and had his capital in Libacao.

From the time of the Spanish colonial administration until Pilipino was instituted as the Philippine national language, Aklan was spelled "Acean", and its chief town Kalibo was spelled "Calivo".

In 1942, the Japanese Imperial forces landed in Aklan,

In 1945, landed by the Filipino and American troops with the Filipino guerrillas liberated in Aklan attack from the Japanese troops during the Second World War.

Aklan finally became a separate province through Republic Act 1414 signed by President Magsaysay on April 25, 1956, separating Aklan from Capiz. The province was inaugurated on November 8, 1956.

Administrative Divisions

Aklan is subdivided into 17 municipalities.


* Altavas

* Balete

* Banga

* Batan

* Buruanga

* Ibajay

* Kalibo

* Lezo

* Libacao

* Madalag

* Makato

* Malay

* Malinao

* Nabas

* New Washington

* Numancia

* Tangalan


Aklan occupies the northern third of the island of Panay and is bordered by the provinces of Iloilo from the south, Capiz from the east, and Antique from the southwest. It also faces the Sibuyan Sea from the north. The province includes the island of Boracay which is located at its northwestern tip.

The province boasts high geographic diversity, ranging from white sandy beaches, mangroves, and mountainous lanscapes. It also boasts the river Akean, which appears unique due to its "boiling or frothing".




Places at Aklan

New Washington