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Alburquerque is a 5th class municipality in the province of Bohol, Philippines.

According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 9,644 people.

The town's short name is "Albur". Alburquerque is reputed to have one of the longest (23 feet or 7 meters as of 2005) and heaviest (300 kg or 660 lbs) python in captivity. The python named Prony is Albur's star and has known to the people as "Live Anaconda of Bohol." Prony, a female python is owned by Mr. Sofronio Salibay. Prony captured the attention of media network GMA 7 who filmed the feeding. According to JingJing Salibay, the lady caretaker, Prony ate cats dogs which should be clean and free of bruises. This "illegal" kind of feeding according to animal welfare rights activists caught the attention of Animal Kingdom and ordered the caretaker to stop feeding Prony with dogs. Animal Kingdom also donated money to raise a sanctuary. ABS-CBN and other media networks, newspapers and magazines have featured Prony. In March 2006, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho's stringer Leo Udtohan went to Albur to film Prony as an important element whereas snakes of its kind became a popular "dish" in other parts of the country.


The Beginning

During the Spanish era, the way to travel around Bohol was by sea. Many coastal areas with a sheltered cove or harbor became progressive settlements. Among them was a place called "Lo-oc", Baclayon. As the name implies, it was a sheltered cove good for berthing seacrafts. It was also the breeding place of the "Bulinaw" or anchovie. Since Lo-oc, Baclayon was relatively far from the Poblacion, the people had difficulty in attending Holy Mass during Sundays. To solve the problem, the people thought of the idea of constructing their own chapel and let a priest from Baclayon come to serve the people. Lady Mariona Irag, a prominent lady in the community took the mantle of leadership. In 1842, she requested the parish priest of Baclayon, Fr. Pedro de la Encarnacion, to supervise the construction of the chapel to be built by the people.

The first kapitan of the place was Pedro Jala who lived in the sitio of Carnago and the leader of Segunto. Carnago, a barrio separated from the town. It's name was changed to Sikatuna, in honor of the brave chieftain, Sikatuna, who made a blood compact with Spanish Conquistador, Miguel Lopez de Legaspi.

On June 9 1868, Gov. General Jose de la Gandara, issued the decree establishing the new town of Alburquerque in its civil jurisdiction. On November 14 1868, the Fr. Provincial of the Recollects approved the creation of the town as to its religious jurisdiction. On June 18 1869, the Bishop of Cebu in which Bohol was a part of the Diocese, made Alburquerque a separate Diocesan parish. It was advocated to Sta. Monica.

On June 26 1869 Fr. Tomas Hernandez assumed his post as the first curate Priest of Alburquerque.


Alburquerque is politically subdivided into 11 barangays.

* Bahi

* Basacdacu

* Cantiguib

* Dangay

* East Poblacion

* Ponong

* San Agustin

* Santa Filomena

* Tagbuane

* Toril

* West Poblacion




Attractions at Alburquerque

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