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According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 14,144 people in 2,905 households.

Alcantara is a fifth class municipality in the province of Romblon. Originally known as Lauan during the Spanish Period, Alcantara lies in the southwestern seaboard of Tablas Island. Barangay Tugdan is the most popular barangay of the Municipality of Alcantara for it is the location of the Terminal Airport of Tablas.

Considered as the gateway to exotic Romblon, Alcantara is famous for its beautiful white-sand beaches.

Located at Barangay Calagonsao, just right beside the national highway, is Calagonsao Beach. Calagonsao has a pebble-covered shoreline and sandy ocean floor which dips abruptly about 6 meters from the shore. A cluster of boulders jutting from the shore to about 10 meters into the sea provides for a perfect diving spot.

The Aglicay Beach Resort in Barangay Comod-om offers amenities such as cottages, open huts, a conference hall, bar and grill, and recreational facilities for indoor and outdoor sports. Its powdery white-sand beaches fringed with palm trees and its clear blue waters that house colorful corals and tropical fishes await visitors for a spectacular island experience.

Other notable beaches in Alcantara are the Dranville Beach Resort in Barangay Gui-ob, Tugdan Beach in Barangay Tugdan, and the Binay-we Beach, which is a small cove with fine white sand located 1.2 kilometers away from the town proper.

Aside from its enchanting coastline, refreshing springs can also be found in Alcantara. They are located in Camili, Calogonsao, Bonlao, San Isidro and Madalag. While trekking the way towards these destinations, one can relish the splendor of the picturesque landscape, listen to the gentle murmurs of the rivers, and wander through the cool, lush, green woods of the forest.




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