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Anilao (Iloilo)

Anilao has recently become a potential tourist destination in the province of Iloilo with its promising historical and cultural heritage and a number of interesting places to visit.

Anilao is a municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. The word Anilao is a term for a lighthouse, which serves as warning for Pirates and Moros that came across the place. Everytime that the pirates would be seen approaching, someone would shout “ilaw” and then the villagers will go out of their homes carrying torches. The pirates upon hearing the word thought it was the name of the place, so the place was called Anilao from that time on.

The area is small, charming, and clean. While Anilao is not as popular as its neighboring towns, it is only in the past years that it became a potential destination in the province of Iloilo. It has a promising historical and cultural heritage with some interesting places to visit. The Darangkulan Waterfalls in Sitio Bagongbong, 8 kilometers from the Poblacion, is surrounded by trees and boulders. It is situated at the foot of Mt. Manyakiya, the highest peak in the municipality. Another waterfall named Sta. Ana is an enchanting waterfall with a small cave located 5 kilometers from the Poblacion.

Among activities devoted to culture in Anilao is the Banaag Festival. Banaag, which means “blazingly bright” is a historical festivity dedicated to the brave men and women of Anilao in their struggle for peace and freedom. With torches, the presentation comes alive with dances performed to honor their ancestors. The blazing fire, a central position in the festive rites of festivity, marks the victory of light over darkness and of good over evil. The dramatic procession of lighted torches during this spectacular event features a dazzling variety of formations that promises a thrilling experience for everyone watching.



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