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It is a first class municipality in the province of Abra in the Cordillera Administrative Region of the Philippines.

Bangued is a first class municipality and the capital of the province of Abra in the Cordillera Administrative Region. The name “Bangued” came from the native word “bangen” which means obstacles or roadblock. Early settlers of the place opposed the Christianization introduced by Spanish friars so they placed large piles of rocks along the roads to prevent the Spaniards from entering their domain.

Bangued is a landlocked municipality heavily dependent on agriculture, followed by trade and industry. It was made as the seat of the provincial government of Abra on July 25, 1861, coinciding with the Feast of St. James the Great.

The Cathedral of St. James the Great (or St. James the Elder) is located across the town plaza and is one of Bangued's attractions. The church's construction began in 1722 and was completed in 1807. The original altar was destroyed during World War II, and only the walls and bell tower remained. Since 1947 it has been rebuilt and renovated. Beside the church is the original convent which is now a school.

Situated atop Casamata Hill is Victoria Park. Overlooking the town, the Abra River and the towns of Tayum, La Paz, Pidigan, and Penarrubia, the place is perfect for picnics or simply just enjoying the beautiful view of the sunrise and sunset. It has a shrine of the Blessed Mother and the Infant Jesus near the Bangued Waterworks Reservoir and a swimming pool.

The town of Bangued has a number festivals being celebrated annually. The town fiesta is celebrated every 25th of July in honor of its patron St. James the Great. During the month of February the “Dapil Festival” features a trade fair for sugarcane products and other agri-based items. Sugarcane is one of Abra’s main agricultural products and is used for the manufacture of a wine called “basi,” vinegar, molasses called “muscovado,” and candies. Dapil is derived from the word “dadapilan,” an equipment used in extracting the sugar cane juice. The Dapil Festival also has events like basketball tournaments, beauty contests, parades and cultural shows.

On March 4-7, Abra's foundation anniversary, the Aryah Abra Festival, presents the province's history and culture through parades and cultural shows featuring the Ilocanos and Tingguians. The festival also includes a karirakit (bamboo raft) race along the Abra River. Also celebrated on the first week of March is the Grand Tingguian Festival. It showcases the Tingguians' sports, dances, songs and traditions and features a cultural parade. The Tingguians were known to be the early setters of the town of Bangued.



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