Bugallon - Pangasinan Destinations


is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines.

The municipality of Bugallon was formerly called "Salasa" which means a part of a wooden house where the floor is attached to. In the Spanish colonial era, the Spanish authorities established the town center in Poblacion (now Barangay Salasa). Because of flooding and erosion, the town center was later transferred to Barrio Anagao (became Barangay Poblacion) but the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, one of the oldest churches in the country, could not be transferred (every time someone attempts, he dies). A new Catholic church was created in the Poblacion, the Saint Andrew Catholic Church. This is the reason why Bugallon has two Catholic Churches. The town was named after the town's hero Major Jose Torres Bugallon who fought together with Gen. Antonio Luna during the Philippine American War in 1899. February 5th, 1899, at the Battle of La Loma, Bugallon faced Gen. Arthur MacArthur. Bugallon suffered a shot to the thigh during the battle. Later that day, in the arms of Antonio Luna, Bugallon died from excessive loss of blood.