Calanasan - Apayao Destinations


Calanasan is part of the seven municipalities comprising Apayao. A first class municipality and the largest municipality in the province with over 9,000 people.

A town filled with free and peace-loving people, Calanasan takes pride in its rich landscape containing various flora and fauna. The place is mainly rocky and mountainous with irregular flood plains and plateaus. Calanasan offers its visitors a rich culture and exquisite beauty. 

Calanasan is the land of great Isnag heroes. It has a diverse cultural heritage which is the pride and legacy of our great forefathers and elders, the unsung hereos.

Calanasan's material culture comes in the form of arts, culinaries, anitwares, to name some, and non-material culture form part of lifeways and literature.

Calanasan is dry from November to April and wet during the rest of the year.