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Carabao Island

It is also called San Jose town, Romblon.

Carabao Island, located in San Jose Town, Romblon province, located in the heart of the Philippine archipelago remains one of the unexplored islands in the country. It is a cluster of more than 20 islands the three biggest of which are Tablas, Sibuyan and Romblon.


Romblon is the perfect destination for the traveller seeking a new beach destination, off the beaten path. A visit to Romblon promises to be a quaint, personal experience, with the islands largely non-commercialized, the locals friendly, helpful and hospitable.


The coastline of San Jose Town or otherwise called also as Hambil Island and officially as Carabao Island is found at the southern-most tip of Romblon province.


Carabao Island is strategically located between the famous island-resort of Boracay and Tablas Island. It is bounded in the northeast by the municipality of Santa Fe, Romblon, and facing Boracay Island in the south. The island is gifted with a diverse geographic profile. One will find in the island's irregular coastline white sugar-like refined beaches at par with the world famous Boracay beaches and is now fast becoming as an alternative tourist destination in the country.


According to local municipality of San Jose Town, by 2010, it will be host to the proposed Boracay Island International Airport to be constructed at the vicinity of barangay Lanas.


Carabao Island, also known as the town of San Jose, said to have the most beautiful beaches in all of Romblon. Just a short boat ride away from Boracay Island, you'll find the peaceful island of Carabao - a perfect antidote to the party scene in Boracay!



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