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Carles is a 4th class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. Its main attractions are the vast white-sand beaches that rival even that of Boracay.

Carles is the northernmost town of Iloilo. It is located in the northeastern tip of the triangular shaped Panay Island. It is bounded on the north by Jintotolo channel; on the northeast by the Visayan Sea. On the west by Municipality of Pilar, Capiz; and in the south by the Municipality of Balasan, Iloilo. It is 146 kilometers away from Iloilo City and 13 kilometers away from Balasan, Iloilo, the nearest town to Carles.

Approximately an hour and half pump boat ride from Barangay Bancal, mainland of Carles, one can take pleasure watching the long stretch of white coastline of Barangay Buaya, Sicogon Island lined by coconut trees forming a refreshing divide between the lush forest and the blue waters. The view is truly a continuous tapestry of scenic beauty.

Fronting the white sand beach of Barangay Buaya is Tumaquin island known for its aura of fantasy. This uninhabited island has crystal clear waters and creamy beach. Identified as a potential scuba diving site, it holds the elusive qualities of undersea world.

Trekking farther on the north east of Barangay Buaya, approximately two kilometers, in the majestic Mount Opao, the pride of Sicogon Island. Standing at the top, one can have a breathtaking view of the island and the neighboring islands. Its forested slopes are acclaimed to be the haven of wild boars, bald eagles, pitcher plant and various species of flora and fauna. The whole of Sicogon Island depends on a water system by natural spring coming from Mount Opao.

Beyond sunlight horizons and 15.376 nautical miles of sea from Barangay Bancal await dreamers and adventurers a world of soothing island vista distinct of the enchanted Gigantes Islands and its islets.

Sailing west, approximately twenty minutes pump-boat-ride from Barangay Lantangan, Gigante Sur is the famous Coral Cay Beach Resort of Balbagon Island. Its creamy beach fanned by coconut palms and crystalline waters is prize for solitude seekers and daydreams. The enchantment of the place lies in its tranquil settings.

Summertime for the people of Carles also means a time for festivities. Aside from a dip on the cool waters of Carles, one will have the best of times during barangay fiesta celebration where a fluvial parade is a common tradition among residents of the coastal areas. During this festivities, gambling matches where bets are made in a raucous frenzy are famed regale to those who are fond of raising trained roosters.




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