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Daram is politically subdivided into 58 barangays.

Daram is a 4th class municipality in the province of Samar. Daram is originally derived from the name of a local bird “Darangsiyao.” Its corruption “Daramsiyao” was applied to a nameless village on Buad Island across Zumarraga.

It all started when a Spanish riding a “parao” asked a fisherman what the village name was. The fisherman, who did not understand Spanish thought he was asked what was the name of the birds flying towards the tomboy tree at the end of the village. He answered Darangsiyao, but the Spaniard thought he heard Daramsiyao and called the village by that name. Later, it was changed to Daram for phonetic convenience.

Daram is an island municipality which lies within the western part of Samar Sea and the Zumarraga Channel. It is a rich fishing ground of the province known for Carpas and Lapu-lapu. Barangay Tugas, in Daram, is gifted with a beautiful white-sand beach and calm, clear waters ideal fro swimming and snorkeling. Daram also has other potential tourist attractions yet to be explored such as the Daram Rock Formation, Panhuyaman Caves, Mamputi Giant Rock, and the Malingon Falls.


Its festival, the Daramsiyaw Festival is celebrated on the 15th of January. It features dancers performing to the beat of tribal drums, as they imitate the Darangsiyao bird from which the town was named after.





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