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Escalante City

Escalante City is a city in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines.

According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 79,098 people in 16,160 households. Melecio "Beboy" Yap is the current mayor of the city while then mayor Maymay Barcelona is the current vice-mayor of the city. On 1945, during the Siege of Escalante by the defenders of the Filipino soldiers and guerrillas against the Japanese Imperial forces during World War 2. On September 20, 1985 over fifty people were either killed, wounded or arrested during riots in the Escalante Massacre of 1985.

Land and climate

Escalante has a total land area of 19,276.303 hectares. It is located on the Northeastern tip of Negros Occidental, facing the island of Cebu. It is 49 kilometers from San Carlos City and 95 kilometers from Bacolod City, the Provincial Capital. It is bounded on the north and west by the City of Sagay, on the south by the town of Toboso and on the east by Tañon Strait.


The atmospheric conditions influencing the climate of Escalante as a whole are the same conditions operative in Negros Island. During the summer months (April to December) an air stream is directed from the south. This air current follows a counterclockwise path as it approaches the low-pressure center of the Asian continent, and reaches the Philippines from a southwestern direction called "the southwestern monsson". During the period from November to January, Negros has relatively cool weather as Asiatic continents cools rapidly than the surrounding seas, resulting to high-pressure centers leading to winds being deflected in a clockwise fashion. This period is known as the northeastern monsoon. From March to April is the domination of northeastern wind system. Cool season in Escalante is from December through March. It is also the time when low tides preavail called aya-ay, making beach combing of its shores more pleasurable. The latter part of March through June is when the highest temperatures prevail. But being largely coastal, Escalante enjoys constant flow of refreshing sea breeze.


Escalante City is politically subdivided into 21 barangays.

* Alimango

* Balintawak (Pob.)

* Magsaysay (Binabongol)

* Binaguiohan

* Buenavista

* Cervantes

* Dian-ay

* Hacienda Fe

* Jonobjonob

* Japitan

* Langub

* Libertad

* Mabini

* Malasibog

* Paitan

* Pinapugasan

* Old Poblacion

* Rizal

* Tamlang

* Udtongan

* Washington






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