Goa - Camarines Sur Destinations


It is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Camarines Sur, Philippines.

According to the 2009 census, it has a population of 54,035 people.

The foundation of Goa as a municipality occurred during the Spanish period, in the year 1777 under the missionary of Rev. Fray Juan Catalla. Together with the creation of the town, the parish was also established.

Originally, Goa was located at Salog, which was then called the Visita Sita de Salog. The residents, however, changed the location of the town to another site for purposes of convenience. A strong typhoon occurred here. Miraculously, though, there was no great destruction to the lives and property of the residents because of the stones and logs that were said to change the direction of the floodwaters. This occurrence caused the people to adopt their own patron saint, St. John the Baptist, as their way of thanking God. Like any other town in the province of Camarines Sur, Goa's name has various accounts attached to its name. Some considered that the name Goa was given by Friar Abalay, a Franciscan friar from Pueblo de Goa in the ancient India which was still under the Portuguese government. Friar Abalay took over the parish when Goa was established as a town.




Places at Goa

Mt. Isarog