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Kabankalan City

It is a 1st class city in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Kabankalan City is a 1st class city in the province of Negros Occidental. It is 90 kilometers away, over an hour's drive south of Bacolod City, the province capital. The city, which serves as the center of economic activities in southern Negros, is also the take-off point for various destinations down south, and links the province to Dumaguete City, capital of Negros Oriental.

Kabankalan is home to the Mag-aso Falls Mountain Resort. Located at Brgy. Oringao, the resort's attractions are its mini-falls and the 75-foot main falls that drop into a clear pool. Still pristine in its form, back-dropped by a large mountain range, Mag-aso Falls releases smoke-like showers of mist as it cascades down the natural pool with its turquoise green waters. A cave of the same name is situated within the Balicaocao watershed, the Mag-aso Cave. This cave invites spelunkers for real adventure and a rewarding challenge in cave exploration. Explored by the Western Visayas Cavers Association in June 1997, the cave spans 436.54 meters long and 149.29 meters deep and is identified to be one of the deepest caves in the Philippines.

The Balicaocao Highland Resort in Barangay Orong, 9 kilometers from the city proper offers the perfect ambiance for rest and leisure. Gently nestled on a hill more than 500 feet above sea level, it gives a breathtaking view of the coastal towns of southern Negros Occidental, the blue waters of Panay Gulf and the Island Province of Guimaras.

Another beautiful body of water, the Agustina Falls, is also found in Barangay Oringao. Its name originated from an old story about a mythical lady who was said to have been enchanted by a black bird.

Udlom Cave, situated in Barangay. Tampalon, lies hidden behind boulders with its entrance welcoming an ever-flowing stream. The cave is reachable after an hour-long walk through a river bed which is almost arid during summertime.

Other natural tourist spots include the Magballo Cave found in a barangay of the same name, Fatima Cave, Tagukon River, and the Hagdanan Cave. The city itself has interesting, landscaped areas including its Public Plaza Water Fountain and the Kabankalan City Show Room which displays various merchandise produced by the city.

The City of Kabankalan celebrates three major festivites namely the Sinulog Festival during third Sundays of January, the Udyakan sa Kabankalan which is a pre-Sinulog presentation, and the city's Charter Day Celebration, showcasing the indigenous products of the farmers and cooperatives of Kabankalan.



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