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Lacub is part of the municipalities that comprises Abra
Lacub is part of the municipalities that comprises Abra. It is a fifth class municipality with over 3,000 people and politically subdivided into 6 barangays.

Predominantly, the inhabitants of Lacub are Tinguians. Tinguians come from three tribes, that is, Mabacas, Adasens, and the Binongans. The Binongans originated from Abualan, San Juan, Abra. The Mabacas came from Lubuagan, Kalinga. The Adasens were from Tineg, Abra and the Western part of Apayao.

Labuc has a lot of places of interest which can definitely match the diverse interests of modern-day travelers. In Lacub, you can be a spelunker and be enchanted by its Bumorayoc Cave. If not, be spellbound with Bumorayoc Water Falls and get steamy with its Assi Hot Spring or be captivated with its Rolling Hills Mountains.

Generally speaking, there are really lots of activities that awaits you in Lacub. What's more, you can also be mesmerized by Lacub's minerals resources such as gold, copper, silver, and iron.