Lagangilang - Abra Destinations


Lagangilang is part of the municipalities that comprises Abra.
The municipality of Lagangilang has been endowed with natural features. Nestled between rivers and mountains it veritably sprawls within a wealthy and abundance of mineral deposits. The town is proud of its rich history. In fact, the cultural heritage of the people is clearly manifested through the costumes of the people.

In 1903, it first became a Municipal District. Then in 1908, it has been a small settlement of "Tinggiuans" which was commonly called the "Itnegs." Tinggiuans are sturdy, hardworking and very resourceful group of people.

Hunting, fishing, weaving, and pottery making are the means of livelihood in Lagangilang. Its political, social, economic and religious life are developing. Lagangilang could not help but turn into the center of ethnic integration between the Tingguians and the Ilocanos as well as of trade and business in the eastern part of the province due to its strategic location at the Cordillera range and along the bank of Abra River.