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Larena is a 5th class municipality in the province of Siquijor, Philippines.

Larena is a 5th class municipality in the province of Siquijor. It is located about 65 kilometers from the province's capital, the municipality of Siquijor. Formerly called Canoan, the town was renamed after the late Gov. Demetrio Larena. Larena is the ecclesiastical and commercial center of the province with its port being the largest in Siquijor.

Within the poblacion is the century-old St. Vincent Ferrer Church. Although built in 1836, it has been refurbished and most of its features are quite new. The only old structure in the parish is the belfry across the street from the church. This bell tower is one of the town's points of interests and is considered as a religious heritage.

The town of Larena also offers its visitors beautiful white-sand beaches with comfortable accommodations that will make one's stay memorable. Located in Barangay Cangbagsa is Cangbagsa Beach. The beach's coastline is covered with fine white sand and a fresh water spring is situated among the rocks nearby. Sandugan Beach, home of the Kiwi Dive Resort and the Casa de la Playa Resort is situated 6 kilometers from the port of Larena. It is one of the best sunset beaches in the area and is also a fish sanctuary where lots of marine animals can be seen along the shores.

The Municipality of Larena celebrates its annual Canoan Festival every 3rd day of May.





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