Licuan-Baay - Abra Destinations


Licuan-Baay is part of the municipalities that comprises Abra. The official name of the town is LICUAN-BAAY, the separate municipal districts that were fused as one in the 1969. The territory was divided into two big districts namely Licuan and Baay. The first inhabitants were Tingguians of two origin, the Kabogaos and Masadiit.

Licuan-Baay is Abra's never-never land. Travelers can take pleasure in its abundant woodland, lush mountains, hills, and valleys.

Here are the following sights you can see in Licuan-Baay:

Oyas ni Igat - in the left side of the zigzagging Abra-Kaling National Road, you will see a a split cut mountains which is called the Oyas ni Igat. According to folk tales and oral traditons by our ancestors, there was a long giant big eel which crosses the tall mountain from Lenneng Binongan River to Lingas River. And the print or mark of the giant big eel, its heavy eight split cut the mountain which rolled down the river. Since then, the local calls this location as OYAS NI IGAT.

Bituen - you'll see a big solid rock situated in the mountain hill while passing by Lingas' magnificent views. According to folk tales and oral traditons by our ancestors, the rock that shapes like a star, illuminates in the evening which was then called BITUEN by the inhabitants. Today, the location is covered with thick green reforestation of pine trees, etc.

Singit - continue driving when passing by Bituen and you will reach Singit. There is again a tall rocky mountain almost a kilometer away from singit waiting shed, over-looking the deep valley of Poblacion Licuan down below. Oral tradition called this place SINGIT because the souls of the dead pass thru the rack gate - as the poor souls depart forever from the earth to the next life.

Patong - you'll see a giant fresh mountain from Singit Kalinga National Road at the other side of Poblacion Licuan. A cute chapel is on top and it is a very peaceful and quiet place.

Capcapo - One can see a big round mountain that shaped like a big upside down frying pan. Perhaps, inside of this unusual shape mountain is a massive gold. This is a place believed to be the seat of a coveted gold mining stretching towards Patoc and Pias, Baay to Lacub passing Licuan.

Mabelbelec - A vastly lush woodland heavily inhabited with wild green vegetables.  As your car turns to the sharp curve to Baquero, you will already start to feel the fresh air. While in the middle to Baquero, you'll notice a large hill full of block stones mostly sizes of a black pib. According to folklore, maiden God Ayo was already sick and tired of the hunters pursuing and hunting her wild pig pets. So, Ayo decided to perform a cursed, to turn all the wild pigs into block stones. For that reason, the hunters did not come back anymore.

Welcome to Baquero - the center and hub of the local government of Licuan-baay, here you see school buildings, churches, village huts and the army barracks.