Luisiana - Laguna Destinations


It is a 4th class municipality in the province of Laguna, Philippines.
According to the latest census, it has a population of 19,255 people in 4,556 households. Locals called the town Little Baguio of Laguna because of its high elevation and cold climate.
During the 1600s, there was an area of land in Laguna known as Terreno de Nasúnog (Lupaín ng Nasúnog in Tagalog). In 1678, Terreno de Nasúnog was divided into three parts: Nasúnog de Lucbán, Nasúnog de Cavinti, and Nasúnog de Majáyjay.
Nasúnog de Majáyjay later became the town of Luisiana. It was only on April 3, 1854 that ecclesiastical independence was granted to Nasúnog by the Governor-General (the Marqués de Novaliches) with the corresponding approval from the Archbishop of Manila, having Don Marcos Bartolomé as its first interim parish priest. Because of the role of Don Luis Bernárdo and his wife Doña Ana, the town was named 'Luis y Ana', later changed to 'Luisiana'.
In 1948, Visita de Luisiana gained civil independence from Majáyjay, but still without absolute independence for it remained under the spiritual jurisdiction of Majáyjay.
In 1903, the towns of Cavinti and Luisiana were combined, Pedro Villanueva of Cavinti was elected mayor and it was during his term that the Aglipay Church was founded in April, 1904. The Romana family funded the construction of a couple of Protestant churches. However, on November 12, 1907 under the leadership of Don Blas Oración, through the Civil Commission, Cavinti and Luisiana became independent towns.