Magdalena - Laguna Destinations


It is a 5th class municipality in the province of Laguna, Philippines.
Magdalena was formerly a barrio of MajayjayLaguna. A petition from the residents of the barrio for the creation of a new town was presented on September 15, 1819. It was proclaimed a new town by Governor General Don Mariano Fernandez de Fulgerras on January 18, 1820 and was named "Magdalena de Ambling". The name was derived from its patron saints. Santa Maria Magadelana and the barrio of Ambling where it was established. The first Teniente Alcalde or Capitan (the highest political authority in a town) was Don Mauricio San Mateo.
They first established a makeshift school in 1820, which was the very first requirement for it to be a town. The municipal hall was also constructed. A small chapel was also constructed and it gave way to the construction of a church in 1829. The church was made of stones and bricks and donations were solicited from the residents. The construction was finished in 1861. The construction of the concrete town hall and the church convent started in 1871, and was finished in 1884.