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It is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Laguna, Philippines.
According to the latest census, it has a population of 35,944 people in 7,274 households. It is situated about 92 kilometers south of Manila. The main tourist spot of Pagsanjan is the Pagsanjan Falls or (Magdapio Falls). A particular highlight is the boatride, which passes through 14 rapids maneuvered by boatmen between rocks and boulders, leading to the main falls.
Pagsanjan is the tourist capital of Laguna and the home of the Bankero Festival. The 'bangkeros' are tour guides, who steer the tourists' bancas. They are the boatmen who shoot the rapids all the way to the famous Pagsanjan Falls. The Bankero Festival is celebrated in the month of March.
The incumbent mayor of Pagsanjan, Laguna is Hon. Emilio Ramon P. Ejercito III, coloquially known as "E.R." by the residents of Pagsanjan. He is a former actor, also known by the names Jorge Estregan and George Estregan, Jr.
Pagsanjan was originally a barrio of Lumban. In 1668, eight Japanese and Chinese traders who were highly impressed by the strategic location of the barrio at the juncture of Balanac and Bumbungan rivers founded the town. They established a trading settlement and engaged in the betelnut industry. In time, the barrio became the flourishing trading center of eastern Laguna and attracted families from the surrounding communities of CavintiPila, and Santa Cruz. On December 12, 1668, the then Governor, General Manuel Dela Peña Bonifaz, issued a gubernatorial decree elevating its status from barrio to a town. In 1688, Pagsanjan replaced Bay as the capital of the province. It remained such until 1858, during which it bloomed as the cultural and commercial center of the province.

Attractions at Pagsanjan

Bangkero River Festival
Yugyugan Festival