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San Carlos City (Pangasinan)

It is a 3rd class city in the Province of Pangasinan, Philippines.

According to the latest census, it has a population of 161,884 people in 28,025 households. This figure shows the city is the most populated land area in Pangasinan except for its density.


The place now called San Carlos City was already a flourishing community since pre-colonial times. It was previously part of a former town called Binalatongan. Binalatongan was the capital of Luyag na Caboloan, an ancient kingdom (now comprised by the provinces of Tarlac, ZambalesNueva EcijaLa UnionPangasinan, and Benguet) ruled by King Ari Kasikis. The name of Binalatongan was derived from the abundance of mongo (mung bean) plants along the San Juan riverbanks.


Caboloan is the name of the primitive Pangasinense dialect, of which its purest form was spoken by the natives of Binalatongan. 


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