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San Jose de Buenavista

San Jose de Buenavista offers an array of activities of great interest to both local and foreign tourists.

About two hundred years ago the site now occupied by San Jose de Buenavista was a dense jungle and a favorite landing point of the Moro pirates who used to come over and raid the countryside. No less than five major raids of the Moros are recorded as having taken place during the period from 1740 to 1800 and presumably many more occurred in the early years of the 18th century.


During the invasions of 1743, the Moros are reported to have penetrated as far as Catang-agan (the present Pangalcagan Bugasong), but all were killed with the exception of three by the famous Manglo of Igmatongtong (Bugasong).


The year 1776 saw a return of the Moros to Bugasong, in 1779 Badyangan (Patnongon) was the scene of their depredations, while in Barbaza, the place suffered at their hands in 1782 and 1787. The inhabitants gradually moved away from the coastal areas and settled in the mountains and only two towns remained - Bugasong (founded in 1743) and Antike (founded in 1745) both belonging to the province of Oton.


The Moro pirates or "Tolisan" as they were called used to land in the neighborhood of Madrangca and from there penetrate into the other regions of the province. It gradually became clear that one of the best ways to stop the Moros from landing at the point was to cut down the jungle and thus prevent their surreptitious landings and plunderous invasions of the areas. Under the courageous leadership of Agustin Sumandi, seven men have begun this hazardous undertaking.


They settled down in Mala-iba, near the San Juan Spring and begun to fall down the trees. In the year 1787, they set sail for Manila where they asked for and obtained a land grant from the Governor General, Carlos Berenguer de Marquina, which gave them title to whole Mala-iba, a part of the town of Antique in the province of Bugasong.


The year 1790 saw various changes. The town of Antique became the capital, the province, the Province of Antique. The sitio of Mala-iba changed its name into San Jose, not only to honor its patron saint but also to perpetuate the name of the son of Agustin Sumandi, Jose. The development of the place was so rapid that in 1792, San Jose was elevated to the rank of a town. Government officials and church dignitaries arrived by boat to attend the ceremonies and were so much impressed by the marvelous view of that town from the sea, that they added to the name the words "de Buenavista". Hence, the present name of the town: San Jose de Buenavista.


In 1802, upon petition of the people, San Jose became the capital of the province of Antique.




The municipality of San Jose de Buenavista is located at the Southwestern portion of the province of Antique. Located at 10 degrees 45' North Latitude and 122 degree 56' East Longitude.



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