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San Jose City

It is a 2nd class city in the province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines.
It is the northernmost city of the province. According to the latest Philippine census, it has a population of 122,353 people in 23,191 households.

Before the city was founded by the Spaniards, it is known as Kabaritan, named for the plant commonly seen in the area.

With its wide plains, agriculture is the main source of livelihood in the city. It is part of the rice granary of the Philippines. But the agricultural produce of the city also includes vegetables, fruits and onions. It is now a leading producer of onions in the country. Every year the Tanduyong festival is held on April coinciding with the annual fiesta to celebrate this. Tanduyong is a variety of onion grown in the area.

Attractions at San Jose City

Diamond Park
Palaspas Falls
Tanduyong Festival